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Cacao Circle & Yin Yoga

Get Ready to HEAL, LET GO & RELAX!

My next healing event taking place at THE WEE RETREAT in GLASGOW, will be on the 20th of January at 10.30am

"Set powerful intentions for the year ahead, slow the body down, and come to a place of sweet stillness. "

This is your opportunity to go inwards, to be loving and gentle with yourself as you open your heart to the healing nature of Mother Cacao and give your body the break it deserves through this nurturing slow flow of YIN yoga.


We begin by connecting through our sharing circle. Here, you will feel safe and supported as you set your intentions for the year ahead. Laura will then guide you through a healing, grounding, and heart-opening meditation. By drinking the loving, warm, and nutritious cup of cacao, your mood and overall well-being will be enhanced, your heart will gently open to attract more love, peace, and abundance. The long, relaxing, stretchy holds of the YIN yoga poses will release tension from the fascial tissues, and you will begin to feel peaceful and calm.


To end the session, Laura will take you on a mini healing sound bath journey, using her Symphonic Gong to activate your parasympathetic nervous system.

There will be time at the end for tea and cake and a chance to connect with the other participants.

*Alternative options are available if cacao is not suitable


What’s Included:

  • 10.30am – WELCOME Introductions.
  • 11.00am -Cacoa Sharing Circle-grounding, opening heart meditation, setting intentions
  • 11.45am – Yin Yoga Flow
  • 12.45pm – Mini Gong Healing Journey
  • 1.20pm – Tea, Cake & Chats

Start your weekend feeling fresh, relaxed, and ready to attract more ABUNDANCE! I can’t wait to see you there!

Laura x

Your Self Investment for this healing event is £40

To secure your booking full payment must be made using the link below