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I wanted to write this post as I still think there is a lot of confusion about what I do. Many people ask me ‘what is life coaching’.

So I’m hoping this clears things up nicely, but if it doesn’t and you’re still not sure then please don’t hesitate to BOOK IN your complimentary life coaching discovery call.

Simply put as a Life Coach, I help people to change their thoughts, change their feelings and change their negative behaviours!

Laura Smith Reiki Coaching Therapy

Make sense? Ok let me break it down even further.


In a nutshell Life Coaching is for YOU if . . .

☑️ You are unsure what direction to take in life and are unclear about what you specifically want.

☑️ You feel stressed, are anxious and bombarded with negative thoughts that you can’t turn around.

☑️ You are lacking in motivation and physical energy.

☑️ The past haunts you, the present annoys you and the future scares you.

☑️ You are ready to make positive changes, but have NO clue where to start!

☑️ You know you need to be kinder to yourself and practice SELF CARE but don’t know how!

☑️ You want to learn powerful techniques that you can use for life to flip negativity around and feel at peace.


What Does It Involve?

🗝 Getting to truly know yourself through power questioning and peeling back the layers to find your true authentic self.

🗝 Visualisations that spark excitement and confidence within YOU!

🗝 Meditations for healing and PEACE!

🗝 Change therapy using NLP ( neuro linguistic processing), EFT (emotional freedom technique-tapping), changing those negative thoughts, changing those negative feelings and changing those negative behaviours!

🗝 Healing Reiki for an abundance of SELF LOVE and a release of tension.

🗝 Goal setting and creating action steps for inspiration and MOTIVATION!

And more importantly, it’s actually FUN, EMPOWERING and all part of your HEALING JOURNEY!

So what have you got to lose? Why not give it a go today and join hundreds of others who have changed their life through this process. After all you DO deserve a life with more fulfilment, happiness and PEACE!



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