What Does A Holistic Therapist Do?

The Role of a Holistic Therapist

For years I have dreaded the question, “so what do you do for a living then?”

Perhaps, knowing that the response to my answer will always be, “ok, so what does that involve?”

Although I meet many people in London whose professional role means nothing to me, I am still surprised that the majority of people are not familiar with the term ‘holistic therapist’.

The spa industry is booming, and thanks to online sites such as Wahanda, SpaFinder and festivals, like ‘The Mind Body and Spirit‘ more people are beginning to take an interest which is fantastic. So, it’s now about time people became familiar with the term ‘Holistic Therapist’

Everybody knows what a Beauty Therapist does, so the purpose of this post is to make a clear distinction between the two professions. And, this is a great opportunity to educate those who are interested in the benefits of Holistic Therapies.

When you visit a doctor, he will ask certain questions noting your physical symptoms to diagnose the problem and prescribe drugs or in extreme cases he might recommend surgery.

But, a holistic therapist takes an interest in the whole you, mind, body and soul, both physically and emotionally. We will take into account your diet, alcohol consumption, exercise, home life, career, sleep patterns, and your emotional levels as well as your medical history.

Therefore, the purpose of any holistic treatment is to create balance and harmony in order to prevent illness or disease.

How Does a Holistic Therapist Work

Holistic Therapists may work with the auric field and the chakras, otherwise known as spinning wheels of energy which are thought to be connected to your physical organs.

Our belief as that, these energy centres can become unbalanced leading to physical symptoms, and in extreme cases they may even result in illness or disease.

Reiki is a particularly powerful healing treatment I like to use, to unblock chakras and reduce physical and emotional pain. It’s also widely popular due to it’s deeply relaxing properties and calming approach.

We tend to use natural products, such as aromatherapy oils to boost the immune system, reduce aches and pains or promote natural sleep.

A combination of massage techniques will also be employed, including traditional stimulating swedish movements, which is excellent to improve blood circulation. For the braver client, there is the choice of deep tissue massage  to work on the fascia and reduce muscular pain. If you prefer a more pampering session, then there is the soothing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to calm the mind and send you to sleep. Hot stone therapy may be perfect for you on a cold day to deeply relax the muscles and get you feeling super chilled.

Reflexology is another one of my favourites. This treatment works by stimulating pressure points on the feet to balance all the body organs and promote natural healing.

The role of a Beauty Therapist is slightly different. They tend to focus more on the cosmetic appearance of the skin and enhance your own natural beauty.

Now do you see where the differences lie? But, let’s continue to look at this further, just to make sure there is no confusion between the two.

Beauty Therapist Vs Holistic Therapist

Beauty Therapist’s perform treatments such as various facials, (sometimes this includes using electrical machines). Waxing, (including intimate waxing), eye lash and brow enhancements are also part of the wide variety of treatments available on a beauty therapist’s menu.

In the UK Beauty Therapists are also trained during the two/three years of their course to do body massage, manicures and pedicures. Their skills take a lot of practice and their hard work deserves the utmost respect.

However, a professional Holistic Therapist will take more time to ask questions and understand your concerns, therefore your appointment time will also be longer. They will skilfully use a combination of holistic treatments to promote balance physically and emotionally, but most importantly they will genuinely care about your health and wellbeing and wish nothing but the very best for you.

That’s not to say that beauty therapist’s won’t care about you, but the overall approach will be different, and their care will be more centred on your visual appearance. Having said that, it’s a well known fact that visiting your regular Beauty Therapist can also have therapeutic benefits on your mental health and emotional well-being.

The Benefits of Holistic Therapy

I truly believe everybody benefits from having regular holistic therapies. This also includes you, if you suffer with stress and any of the following conditions.

  • muscular aches and pains
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • IBS
  • arthritis,
  • fertility issue
  • PMS
  • anxiety, depression
  • insomnia

It’s worth noting that Reiki is also beneficial for cancer patients who are contraindicated from having other treatments.

The many holistic treatments you could choose from, include reiki, aromatherapy massage, swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, indian head massage, hopi ear candles, sound healing and much more.

It’s worth considering then, that perhaps if we were to choose a more Holistic approach to our health, we might not be in as much of a hurray to visit our local GP. Just imagine a life where popping some pills in the hope of quickly curing only our physical symptoms, was a thing we only had to do in an emergency.

Of course it’s important to highlight here, that I’m NOT suggesting there is no need for medicine, and I’m NOT advising anybody to stop taking their prescribed drugs for the sake of being holistic. I know who I would prefer to see if I needed surgery.

What I am suggesting however, is that science and holistic treatments can work very well together. Having a massage should not be something you only do once in a blue moon as a special treat; it should become part of your lifestyle to keep yourself in tip top condition.

So, for those of you with a normal financial income, don’t worry you can skip the luxury of a five-star hotel spa which involves splashing the cash, and instead find a good affordable holistic therapist near you to visit regularly instead.

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