The Seven Layers of the Aura  Explained

We are all very much aware of our physical body. We recognise joints, muscle, bones and organs such as our heart, but what about our subtle bodies?

In actual fact we have seven bodies and not just the physical one we are all aware of.

Every living thing, plants, animals and even stones give off a vibrating frequency of light which is called the AURA or in scientific terms THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD. Its purpose is to protect our physical body and keep away negative vibrations which could potentially cause us harm. Luckily due to Kirlian photography the aura can now be photographed.

Our aura or auric field contains information about our life such as our emotional and mental thoughts, beliefs and memories. The *chakras which are the seven wheels of spinning energy also have an effect on the aura and can create changes in the colour and shape of our aura. No two auras are exactly the same as we are constantly shifting our vibrations due to changes in our thought patterns. When we are low in energy and feeling down our aura naturally shrinks to reflect this. When we are upbeat and happy our aura naturally expands radiating outwards which explains why we are more attracted to happier people and less attracted to more negative people.

The Seven Layers of the Aura Broken Down

1. The Etheric Layer

This is the layer closest to the physical body and the layer some therapists can see during treatment. Sits approximately two to four inches away from the physical body and can be seen as a faint grey/violet mist. This layer is connected to the base chakra.

2. The Emotional Layer

This layer sits directly outside the etheric body extending one to three inches. This layer is connected to the sacral chakra and holds all our emotions, feelings and sensitivity such as joy, sorrow, love and hate.

3. The Mental Layer

This layer sits directly outside the emotional body extending three to eight inches from the physical body. This layer is connected to the solar plexus chakra and contains all our mental thought processes such as rules, regulations, judgement and discipline. Usually this layer is represented by the colour yellow.

4. The Astral Layer

This layer can extend out to about one foot. It is the bridge between the lower vibrations of the physical plane and the higher vibrations of the spiritual. Connected to the heart chakra this layer is represented by a beautiful rainbow colour.

5. The Etheric Template

This layer extends out about two feet. Connected to the throat chakra this layer represents the blueprint of the physical body and looks much like the negative of a photograph.

6. The Celestial/Causal Layer

This layer can extend for up to two and a half feet. Connected to the 3rd eye chakra this is where your spiritual connection begins and the process of enlightenment.

7. The Spiritual Layer

This layer can extend for up to three feet. Connected to the crown chakra and protecting all the other layers it vibrates at the highest frequency and is often seen as a brilliant white or golden light.


Reiki practitioners work with natural healing energy to cleanse any blocks within the chakras repairing tears in the auric field to bring about a sense of peace and encourage balance both physically, mentally and emotionally.

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