Reiki Holistic Therapy

I decided to write this post as I’m interested to find out if there are others therapists out there who feel the same way I do regarding Reiki being on the treatment menu in hotel spas and the problems which may arise due to a lack of time flexibility.

I love working in the Spa industry. It’s been over ten years now and I’m very fortunate to have lived and experienced working overseas, meeting new people, making new friends and developing my skills.

In my opinion the one thing all spas have in common sadly is that they are gradually moving away from the passion of health and wellbeing and focusing mainly on the drive for new business boosting revenue and ensuring that they are utilising their hardworking therapists to the limit.  I understand all businesses require making a profit and perhaps the recession a few years ago has changed many ways in which businesses now operate.

The main reason most therapists decided to enter this profession was because like all caring people we wanted to make a difference, help people overcome their anxieties, take away their pains and generally speaking make people feel good about themselves. I along with other therapists out there enjoy the positive feedback I receive from my clients and feel privileged to have the skills to make a difference.

What business owners don’t always take into account is that we are also human beings with feelings that need rest in between treatments in order to refresh ourselves. It’s a rewarding job but hard work being in an industry where you go from client to client rushing in between to turn around your room. We all have our own professional techniques to ensure we don’t feel drained by our client’s negative energy and can give equally to each person so I’m not complaining just drawing attention to the fact that proper turnaround time is 100% necessary.

As Reiki is a form of energy healing it requires specialised techniques to ensure we are grounded, protected and balanced at all times. How can we give a successful treatment if we are affected by our previous client’s issues? So my question is should Reiki really be performed in a industry in which therapists are rushing in between clients to turn over their room and may have no time to properly prepare for such a powerful energy healing treatment?

Another point to consider; Reiki is different to massage, it has no set routine, is more powerful emotionally and can open up old wounds leaving clients vulnerable and wishing to discuss their problems in more detail. That’s the beauty of Reiki! So when working in a hotel spa you are limited to time flexibility, can you really ensure you are giving the best service to your client if you cannot under any circumstances have the leeway to spend another couple of minutes discussing matters further with an emotional client who really needs your help?

I rarely give a full Reiki treatment within the spa industry for those reasons mentioned above, but I do always incorporate this beautiful healing energy into the majority of my treatments which offer many benefits for all of my clients.

The purpose of this post as previously mentioned is to give therapists a say in this ongoing issue and to highlight to business owners and Spa managers the importance of turnaround time for wonderful caring therapists. After all if your therapist is happy, clients will feed off this amazing positive energy and enjoy their treatment. If your therapist is tired, rushed or stressed due to inadequate time in between treatments then clients will notice this energy and won’t get as much out of their treatment perhaps leading to complaints or simply not revisiting your spa.

I wonder what your thoughts are! You can email me privately with your ideas or please feel free to comment below.

Reiki Blessings