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Reiki Coaching Therapy

Just did my Reiki 1 with Laura and had such a gorgeous day! Laura has the most lovely energy – warm, welcoming and calming. And her bubbly, friendly personality is infectious! Laura’s approach to teaching is very professional and she is extremely knowledgeable in her field of Reiki, holistic therapies and life coaching. I felt relaxed and at ease throughout the course. It moved at a steady pace, with Laura explaining everything clearly, and I finished the day feeling very peaceful and fulfilled. Thank you for bringing Reiki into my life and for all that you do! X Jennifer

I had the most wonderful day with Laura and other students learning all about reiki and the chakras. Laura’s warm personality, knowledge and passion shines through making her a true inspirational teacher. The meditations are powerful and the reiki healing I received left me feeling much more calmer and balanced. I would highly recommend this course to anybody looking to reduce stress in their life. Gillian

I found life coaching extremely helpful and would recommend Laura to others.

Before starting the sessions I felt discontent with my position in life and was struggling to make decisions about my future. I was desperately looking for more fulfilment out of life, particularly in my career, but found it difficult to deal with the pressure and worries of making such important decisions in my life. Life coaching seemed like a good option to help me learn how to manage the obstacles and challenges that were preventing me from progressing with my ambitious life.

I noticed an improvement after only a few sessions with Laura. I now feel more focused, content and positive about life.

Laura provided me with useful tools and helped me to breakdown my career goals into achievable targets, make more informed decisions and progress towards longer term objectives. The sessions also helped work on my self-esteem and confidence issues. I feel like I have a new improved attitude towards life and I am better equipped to deal with any issues or problems that might arise in the future.

Laura has a friendly professional and non-judgmental nature that quickly calmed my nerves and put me at ease throughout the sessions. I felt comfortable communicating during the sessions and found them to be enjoyable.
Louise Glasgow

I cannot thank Laura enough for my life coaching sessions.

I had been living my life doing the same routines, fed up, unfulfilled and dissatisfied. When I met Laura she came at the perfect time for me, just when I needed her the most. Her professional coaching sessions have helped my life improve in many ways. I am now a happier person and Laura has helped me step by step in achieving the goals I wanted in order to start living a more fulfilled life. I have learned more about my authentic self through these sessions, gained more confidence and I’m now firmly on the right path to where I want to go.


Reiki Coaching Therapy
Reiki Coaching Therapy

I am very grateful for my coaching sessions with Laura.

She is a very compassionate, kind lady, always supportive and never judgmental. At the time of my coaching journey, I wanted to work on topics like self-sabotage. I was continuously surprised by my answers to Laura’s powerful questions and visualisation techniques and by the insights I gained from these sessions. Very often what I thought was a priority wasn’t actually important and other themes surfaced over time. I learned a lot in the process and feel these coaching sessions have given me more access to my true self, peeling back the layers. The sessions were always jam packed with valuable questions and whilst enjoyable it did feel like I was working, which is a good thing. I came away after every session feeling inspired, happy and ready to get things done. This was an eye opening experience and I would recommend Laura to anybody who is curious to find out what lies beneath the surface of self as we know it.

These sessions will allow me to live my life even more aligned with my values and with a new sense of direction.
Alexandra, London

What a wonderful day! Full of very interesting information and relaxing practises, all done in a very informal and friendly manner. I would recommend this course to anyoneCarol, Hamilton

Laura was an amazing positive and special person. I learned so much from this course and would highly recommend to everyoneDeirdre, Hamilton

Before I started my coaching journey I felt lost within my thoughts. There were lots of things I wanted to achieve/needed to do and could not find the motivation, time management or brain space to plan or actually do them. This was a time when I was moving house, my mother in law had died, I changed jobs and started a side job of teaching yoga all within 2 months. I also was placed with negative thoughts about myself and my body.

During my life coaching Laura was able to guide me to see what was important, what I had to prioritise and what I wanted from myself and life. I was able to stream line my thoughts. Laura guided me throughout the process to come up with small goals which would lead on to my overall goals. For an hour each week I got to sit and think about myself, what I wanted and what I needed to do to be the best me. There was no forcefulness, just gentle guiding. For myself it was an up and down journey with my monkey mind playing havoc, but Laura was always there to bring me back to earth and realisation of the fact that she reminded me of all the things I have learned and achieved and how to use these skills to get to my goal. She was very supportive and although my goal was not straight forwarded I soon realised I had many forks in the road, she was my cheerleader throughout.

Thanks to Laura I have made massive life changes but feel 100% in control and when I waver I look at my notes and remind myself how to proceed.

I would highly recommend Laura. Everyone needs a Laura. She is so positive, inspiring, clear on what you need to achieve and has a gentle but firm way of making you commit to the goal you want in life.Lynn South Lanarkshire

Reiki Coaching Therapy

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