Reiki Attunements. What’s Involved!

Reiki Attunements in West London by Reiki Holistic Therapy

The word attunement refers to the process in which the Reiki Master  makes subtle adjustments to the students s energy channels which are opened up  in order to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki linking that person to the source of Reiki. The simplest  explanation is that it is much like tuning a radio to the desired station with no interference.

Usually an attunement begins with the student sitting comfortably in a chair with their hands in the prayer position. There is no need for the student to do or say anything other than to simply relax and enjoy the sensation as the Reiki Master works with the energy to create balance and make adjustments.

As human beings we are all different and therefore the experience of this process is unique for each individual. As I remember each one of my attunements were very different. With Reiki 1 other than a sensation of peace and calm I didn’t get much, however with Reiki 2 my experience was completely different and one which I will never forget. Perhaps this powerful sensation was due to the fact that at the time I was going through some personal changes and in the process of about to start a new life. From the moment I walked into my Reiki Masters Lorna’s  house back in  2009 I knew it was going to be a very emotional day. The energy was  so strong it was almost overwhelming, leaving me feeling slightly spacey and very relaxed. Lorna gave us the option to have our attunements together or separately. We all opted for privacy which is just as well as I was beside my self with tears of emotion.

2 years later I was back at Lornas house and experienced a very different attumnement. This time I felt much more in control, happy and excited about my Reiki journey. I had my attunement with another girl outside in Lorna’s garden. It was a beautiful experience which left me giggling afterwards for some time like a crazed schoolgirl. I didn’t feel remotely embarrassed especially since the girl I was with was having her own powerful emotional experience which appeared to be very different from mine.

As the attunement process is a clearing out process it can bring feelings to the surface that you never knew you had, or had previously suppressed. Which is why it is recommended before beginning on any on Reiki Level that you do a cleaning detox for at least two weeks before.

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I hope to see you soon for this life changing journey of Reiki light and love.