Letting Go of The EGO

As the spa industry is booming and day packages becoming ever so popular so is the demand for reiki therapists. It’s no wonder given the amount of stress people now face in their daily routines. Especially in the city of London where many people work on average nine hours per day then  face a busy commute battling through the intense crowds of other souls desperate to get home and put their feet up.

Reiki has many benefits including deep relaxation perfect for stressed out London city workers struggling to let go. Many of these workers have had to face years of office competition in an attempt to climb up the career ladder and as a result become unbalanced and out of sync emotionally and spiritually as the ego has completely taken over. Nothing wrong with having a strong ego of course as this is what allows us to set goals motivating us to get out of bed and make an effort at looking our best. However mainly focusing on the ego can result in a loss of compassion, create negative critical judgement and selfish attitudes all possibly leading to insecurities and anxiety. In the long term this can have physical consequences on our health such as, stomach problems, indigestion, headaches, depression, panic attacks and insomnia.

So instead of focusing only on our ego we should pay attention to our ‘true self’ connecting with higher values such as love, compassion, creativity and nature. So let go of your ego today, connect with your higher self and invite love and compassion deep into your soul freeing yourself of a guilty conscience and enjoy a peaceful night sleep.

A reiki treatment will calm and soothe your mind realising negativity, open up your heart chakra inviting the warm energy of love deep within and allow you to beautifully connect with your higher self promoting a sense of peace enabling you to experience emotional freedom leading to a good night’s rest with undisturbed sleep.

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