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Change Your Thoughts & Change Your LifeLife Coaching

There may be times in your life where you feel stuck and unsure of how to make changes. Perhaps you struggle with anxiety, low self esteem or limiting beliefs which are thoughts that could be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

MY MISSION as a Personal Development Life Coach is to help guide and steer you in the right direction, empowering you to make positive choices to live a life of fullfillment. This will enable you to handle stress and worry in a more balanced and healthy manner.

Think how much happier you could be if everything in your life was as you wanted it to be. Imagine having the motivation, courage, confidence and desire to reach your chosen goals. Imagine feeling more grounded, secure and filled to the brim with pure self-love, truly believing in your capabilities and being free of any negative self-thoughts or doubts.

How Does It WorkWhat Actually Happens

Life coaching is different to counselling, as the emphasis is more on taking action than simply talking. I will listen patiently asking empowering questions to raise your awareness, but I will also teach you techniques and give you tools that YOU can use for the rest of your life!

Using these simple proven effective coaching techniques drawing on the basis of the GROW model, NLP ( neuro linguistic therapy) and EFT (emotional freedom technique) you may also take part in guided visualisations and hypnosis, whilst working with The Law of Attraction to manifest abundance. You will also be open, honest and prepared to think outside of the box, as we work together to come up with action steps which will challenge you to move closer to reaching your chosen goal.

The sessions can either be carried out in the comfort of Laura’s home in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire or over the phone via Skype or Zoom. All sessions are highly confidential and carried out in a gentle non-judgmental fashion. To begin, an informal telephone call will take place to determine if coaching is right for you.


Who Benefits From Life CoachingWill Coaching Help Me?

It is a well-known fact that many athletes, entrepreneurs and famous celebrities have used coaching over the years to boost confidence and motivate themselves to reach their goals. There are many great life coaches out there including the ‘Master of Motivation’ himself, Tony Robbins and Dr Joe Vitale who took part in THE SECRET. However, coaching need not only be for the wealthy, sportspeople or for those looking to achieve great fame, it is for anyone who wishes to have more success or change their life.

Success means different things to different people, for some it may be to have a porche parked in the driveway or to have the house of their dreams, perhaps to find true love and get married, climb the career ladder and get a promotion or maybe it’s to have the confidence to walk away from the current situation and start afresh.

Regardless of what your version of success is, YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. So, coaching can realign you with your core values and place you on the path to SUCCESS and TRUE HAPPINESS.

What If I Don't Know What I WantBut You Know What You Don't Want!

That is okay, most people don’t actually know what they want, but they know what they don’t want, so that’s a great basis to start from. Life Coaching will help you unpack life’s possibilities and encourage you to discover what you DO WANT.

During each session you will learn something new about yourself which may surprise you and give you the courage to walk through the door of FRESH OPPORTUNITIES. Life coaching isn’t so much about the actual goal itself, but more about the journey and the positive changes you encounter along the way.

Types of GoalsAreas of Focus

* Free of limiting beliefs and self-sabotage
* Self-love and self-belief
* More confidence
* Less stress or worry
* New career
* Work/life balance
* Travel
* Weight loss
* Better sleep
* Diet/nutrition
* Sports performance
* Healthier relationships

A Word From LauraHow Life Coaching Has Helped Me

Please allow me to help YOU make the most out of this life! Life Coaching has helped me turn my life around attracting so much more abundance, and I am passionate about sharing my secrets with you.

I am grateful for the life I lead and the lessons I have learned along the way, but my life wasn’t always that rosy. A lack of confidence manifesting as a result of bullying in high school, years of failed relationships and heartbreaks, struggling financially and trying to be a success in London, left me broken inside, plummeting down the negative spiral.

Through coaching I have been able to turn my life around, make some serious positive changes and now as a result I am a Life Coach, dedicated to inspiring you on your chosen journey of self-discovery and inner healing.



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