About Laura Smith

Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach

About LauraMaking Positive Life Changes

Think how much healthier and happier you would be if your mind, body, and soul were in tune. Imagine feeling relaxed, stress free and empowered to make positive life changes with confidence.

How I Can Help YouReduce Your Stress Levels

Holistic therapies will relax your mind, body and soul. Whereby life coaching will EMPOWER and guide you with CONFIDENCE to make positive life changes. Because, YOU deserve a life of happiness free of stress and anxiety.

I also passionately teach all levels of Usui Reiki from Level 1 the beginning to Reiki Masters. My expertise is on hand to offer you the best of care, knowledge and advice across a range of therapies, courses and events.

With a successful career expanding over 17 years working within international luxury five star Spa resorts as a therapist, I have treated everybody from my local neighbours to world famous celebrities.

What Are Your ConcernsThe Following Can Be Treated

And, now I am ready to share my passion for holistic therapies and personal development life coaching with YOU. Whatever your concern.

Choices include Life Coaching, using a combination of techniques from NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and EFT (emotional freedom technique-tapping) plus the following therapies:

Call me on 07708307507 for more information or to book a session. You can also send an email to laura@reikicoachingtherapy.com

About LauraHow it All Began

Laura is a highly skilled Holistic Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Life Coach with a wide range of international experience. Her devotion and dedication to client care, kind, approachable nature and strong healing hands make her the sought after therapist she is today.

Her first professional role started at the prestigious five star Gleneagles Hotel Golf Resort & Spa in Scotland back n 2004. Inspired by colleagues, Laura then embarked on a holistic soul searching journey taking a personal interest in crystals, chakras, meditation, reiki and more recently yoga, life coaching, NLP and EFT.

Laura is based in Hamilton for small group reiki courses and one-one sessions, while Life Coaching can be in-person or via Zoom.

My Love of ReikiMaking Positive Changes

Since studying Reiki back in 2007, it has now become a way of life for me which I use every day to calm and balance the mind. I honestly could not imagine my life without this peaceful healing energy, because I believe we all deserve to live a life free of stress and anxiety.

Reiki isn’t just a skill that can be picked up. It is a journey which expands your higher consciousness, and takes you to a place of inner peace and calm. My students who have embarked on this journey have experienced remarkable positive life changes.

I am living prove that this healing energy does work and I can’t wait to SHOW YOU HOW.

My Healing JourneyThe Power of Life Coaching

Back in 2010, I was also introduced to The Law of Attraction and The Secret. This new information helped me to view the world with fresh eyes and opened up new opportunities for me.

Because, having experienced some recent personal trauma (plus the normal ups and downs of daily life), this new knowledge enabled me to create a better life for myself. By drawing on the basis of positive thinking and NLP – neuro linguistic processing, I was able to change my thoughts, and therefore change my life. Then, by completing Dr Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaching course in 2014, my eyes were officially opened to the world of coaching.

More recently I qualified as an accredited life coach with The Coaching Academy and The Scottish Centre of NLP.