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The Power of Life CoachingMaking Positive Changes

Find out how YOU could be living a happier more fulfilled life. Just imagine being free of negative thoughts, worry or anxiety…..sounds good, don’t you think?

This complimentary private 1-1 Intake session will give us both the opportunity to see if we are a good match for one another, and to see how best I can help you create a more fulfilling life free of stress and anxiety.

Finding the right coach for you is important! During this super charged session we will look at what your main concerns are, what blocks could be holding you back and what RESULT driven techniques are going to be suitable to target your concerns.

Even after only 30 minutes, you will notice you feel less stressed and more EMPOWERED to take action and make positive changes to your life.

Let’s get YOU started TODAY.

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Life Coaching & Massage TherapiesMaking Positive Changes to Your Life

In the last twenty-four hours, did you pause at all to give yourself a moment of relaxation or think about your life in a positive way?

If the answer is no, then you’re more than likely in a routine that isn’t making time for self-care and you may feel your stress and anxiety levels are beginning to increase.

Even one positive change can have a ripple effect in other areas of your life, health, and career. So let’s get started on changing your life for the better.

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Life CoachingMaking Positive Changes to Your Life

There may be times in your life where you feel stuck and unsure of how to make changes. Perhaps you struggle with anxiety, low self esteem or negative thoughts making you feel worthless. Or maybe the daily grind of everyday life is all getting too much and you feel exhausted.

As a Personal Development Life Coach my mission is to help guide and steer you in the right direction, empowering you to make positive choices to live a life of fullfillment.

Through the transformational process of these coaching sessions, I can show you how to have a new fresh perspective on life, that will enable you to handle stress and worry in a more balanced and healthy manner.

By having a clear strategy in place and by changing your thoughts, you too can change your life.



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Reiki TreatmentA Holistic Treatment For Healing Mind Body and Soul

A wonderful deeply relaxing healing therapy, which creates balance and promotes the body’s own natural ability to heal. This is a must have treatment if you suffer with high levels of stress and are experiencing physical symptoms as a result.


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If you have a special interest in energy healing and want to feel more peaceful and calm in life, then these knowledgable and fun reiki courses are for you!

Holistic TherapiesReduce Your Stress Today

Laura will tailor make each treatment to suit your own personalised needs. This way you are guaranteed to feel super RELAXED as your stress levels melt away.

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